LiquidCloud provides solutions that are both robust and scalable by design.

LiquidCloud was formed in 2010 when the need arose to build a Cloud Based Business that focused on each cusomers unique requirements rather than the onse size fits all model. Our philosophy is to ensure we evaluate each individual business’s needs.

What we do

Liquid Cloud does email messaging really well. We offer Mimecast/MS office365 bundles and support management services to any business that needs cloud based email at a low cost, pay per use on a month to month to month.

Our Exchange platform is based on 12 years of Hosted Microsoft technology experience – being one of the pioneers to market in the Exchange space. Our Exchange platform is designed, architected and operated by the highest qualified skills in the local industry. Our team includes some of Microsoft’s few global certified Microsoft Exchange 2010 Masters, Office 365 Masters and Exchange MVPs. Microsoft’s Masters and Architect Certifications represents the highest level of experience and recognition within the product, and the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) represents a very small subset of industry professionals who contribute in unique ways to the overall marketplace and ecosystem.

The business roadmap is based on previous delivery and real-world experience as well as a thorough understanding of new technologies and market developments. These serve to ensure that the infrastructure will always offer the latest technologies and feature sets without requiring any cumbersome migration paths for the client.

People we work with

Why use us?

Since 2012 we have been listening to our customers as they try to find new ways to increase productivity within their business. Our customer-centric approach coupled with our expertise has been part of our DNA since our inception and forms the heartbeat of our business. Our proactive approach to support ensures our Team of Skilled professionals exceed all our customers expectations. Wherever You Are in Your Journey, we Are Here To Guide You.

Do you require a solution to best fit your business requirements? If so then LiquidCloud is perfectly placed to assist you in devising and implementing a solution that is flexible and adapts to the growth of your business.  All our offerings are scalable on a monthly basis making us a True Cloud Provider. If you need help navigating your options and putting your apps where they’ll run best, turn to our Professional Services team. We can help you make informed decisions that will lead to your best-fit solution.

LiquidCloud Partners

LiquidCloud technology expertise and offerings enable and enhance the solutions our partners deliver to market. In support of our strategic partnerships, we provide market-leading managed cloud offerings to key partners, enabling their solutions to run more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. LiquidCloud’s managed cloud services provide the best fit for your customers, enabling their applications to live on the public cloud, a private cloud, dedicated servers, or a combination of all three platforms.

As a strategic partner, we will work together in the development and execution of a unique, end-to-end value proposition for your customers, that delivers new opportunities, increases profitability and closes deals faster. The program is performance-based with a tiered structure where benefits increase along with your efforts and investment.