Liquid Cloud partnering with Microsoft and Mimecast have the solution to help you move to Office 365 in the Cloud with the right balance of risk and reward. LiquidCloud provides access to expert skills, advice and tools to manage your cloud transition and experience.

With the benefits of cloud services and leveraging cheap computing and storage, there is an unprecedented rise of email into the cloud.  The landscape of traditional email has changed drastically.

Microsoft Office 365 is becoming the standard platform for organizations across the globe, with 135 million business users worldwide. There is now a lot for organizations to consider, including the impact it will have on email security.

Companies that leverage cloud services increase their time to market while IT costs decrease.  The benefits dictate the uptake of Office 365 will continue but are you covering your bases when it comes to migrating efficiently while securing your environment.

“Client data management is integral to the continuity of any organisation and, if breached, what is the cost to reputation and trust.”

The new security threat landscape is no longer new types of attacks but rather improved execution of existing attack types, with focus on email. An increase will be seen from larger organisations to smaller organisations who lag in their adoption of advanced security detection.

Unfortunately, Small Businesses are not geared technically to prevent or recover from a data breach attack:

of cyber-attacks target
small business

of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks, vulnerabilities and attacks as highly effective

of small companies go
out of business within six months
of a cyber-attack

of data security breaches are caused by acts of malicious intent.
Human error or system failure
account for the rest

At LiquidCloud we will provide migration and consulting services to assist you with your decision to lift and shift to Office 365 supported by Mimecast. We will do so affordably while giving you the return on your investment, mitigate risk and prevent downtime.